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“Leadership develops daily, not in a day”

At Kaymenta, we work together to develop leaders. Using our fine-tuned sales and marketing skills, you’ll grow both professionally and personally via continuous improvement. By uncovering everyone’s potential, we build a team of future leaderswhile they progress within our organization. The result? We provide world-class representatives for our industry-leading clients.

“Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded”

We seek out the best of the best – people who are willing and eager to learn. Those high achievers are then rewarded by earning a share of what they build. A win-win.


Even at the entry-level, we teach you in-demand skills, including sales and customer acquisition strategies, how to be an effective trainer and workshop leader, and how to excel at public speaking. Those make up a strong foundation, and they propel our team members into higher levels of leadership opportunities.


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Alexandra Fajgenbaum

Founder + President

I was born and raised in Toronto in a family originally from Quebec, and my first language is French. I studied Science at the University of Waterloo and enhanced my career with courses in Management Studies. Some of my favourite memories have been volunteering abroad in Peru and Costa Rica. My free time is spent cooking, eating, wine tasting, and playing volleyball.

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