Our Culture

Personal Development

We offer a Management Training Program that is designed to incorporate both personal and professional development. We execute this through 1-1 mentoring and coaching from the Management and Leadership team.


Sales is what we do, but it’s certainly not who we are. Instead, our team is provided with ongoing leadership training which allows them to gain confidence in their ability to work with others and lead teams.


We travel multiple times throughout the year within and outside of North America to attend networking events, team building weekends and training opportunities. For our top performers, they can expect to attend events in the Caribbean, Montreal, Toronto, LA, Atlanta, New York and Dallas.


It’s important that we come through for our clients and hit our targets, but we also believe in having fun while you do it. The office environment involves working in small and large groups to encourage teamwork and communication. We are also committed to weekly team events to facilitate strong relationships within the team.