Our client list includes large companies in the Telecom, Business Services, and Renewable Energy industries. Due to confidentiality agreements, we cannot immediately disclose our current client information to the public. Candidates who interview with us will learn this information during the screening process.

No! We are looking for someone with really great people skills and someone who is willing to grow with the company long term. Having a background in any form of customer service or construction work is an asset, however not necessary, because there are many skills that are transferable to our company values. We do lead-generated based sales, meaning our clients provide us with qualified customers who we then meet with at their places of business or residences.

All Entry Level Sales roles are on a performance pay structure, meaning uncapped commissions and client bonuses which can average between $700-$1300/weekly before bonuses. As somebody continues to grow and develop into higher level positions, pay structure advances into salary.

Depending on the current campaign we are working on and your role in the company, your day to day will vary. Part of your day is spent in office doing workshops and leadership/personal development in a team-based setting, and the other part would be working offsite learning how to do sales for one of our clients.